The Joy of Weekends

This weekend I did no work. I did not check emails, I did no data entry. Nothing. Nada. All I did was focus on doing weekend stuff like going to hobbycraft, having a run or just doing some reading. This was in many ways a slightly shocking experience to the system. Working on my business since I launched it over three years ago has been an 8am-7pm Monday to Friday treadmill combined with many weekend mornings and Sunday afternoons spent in the front room working at my laptop.

This weekend, not doing anything at all was an absolute joy. I felt rather refreshed. Unstressed. Weekends are lovely things that when working for yourself they can quickly disappear. My own experience has very much been focused on working, myself to the bone, combined with the total freedom that working for yourself brings. This is an odd mix that leads to many strange things.

I do forget what do of the week it is. Many a Monday morning has been lost with me thinking it was Sunday. This has, on many occasions meant that I forgot to make calls I needed to, or forgot to make sales calls. Why does this happen?

Mainly this happens because of the lack of social interaction at the office/workshop level. Going from an office environment to a home environment has meant that the markers of a week disappear. No Subway Fridays, no Thursday night drinks. No Monday morning 'how was your weekend' conversations. 

Secondly, another, rather strange aspect of working for yourself is an ability to waste time, because the passage of time has no meaning in a back room office. Spending time is maybe the wrong way of describing this. It is easy to get sucked down rabbit holes because the natural rhythms disappear.

Thirdly, when a chore needs doing. Say going into town to pick up prescription it makes you feel like some combination of a college student or benefits bum. You traveled in on an empty bus except for college kids and OAPs and walked around town, and it is empty. Whenever I have done this, it has been a traumatic experience. 

So why am I talking about all this and not weekends? Well mainly to ensure that I start taking leisure time as seriously as other time. Will I do this? No. My business is in some respects an obsession and I do get a 'kick' out of work. I really should not complain as I am blessed to be my own master and my boss.

However, it was nice to have a real weekend once again. Same time next year perhaps.


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