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Never forget anything, ever!

Do you sometimes forget about things, whether it is that internet article you read, to the name of that company you saw on a drive about? Well ladies and gentlemen some rather lovely people in Silicon Valley have created what users call their second brain.

It is called Evernote and it is fantastic (I am a fanboy).

Why is Evernote such a fantastic life hack?

Evernote operates on mobile, desktop, tablet and website applications that automatically syncs between all instances.
You can store just about anything, from web pages you found, to voice memos that can be created within the app. Everything is synced and backed up to the cloud. Every note can be added to folders that can be shared and synced with teams.

As a recruiter, I use Evernote to store all my accounting and expenses, articles that i may want to read later on and content/copy that I am creating so it can be shared straight away.

I also use the scannable feature to take paper straight to a digital format.

I could spend days writing about the brilliance of this app, my suggestion is to download it and then discover its multitude of features and go from there.

To join the Evernote revolution visit - (and it is free for the light version).

Thank you for reading this article.

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