A great way to improve your the way you manage your to-do list

To-Do Lists.

Some people love them.

Others hate them.

I personally am a real lover of the To-Do List.

It is the best productivity Life Hack out there.

Now we think that you should have multiple To-Do Lists. As a recruiter you will have a range of balls to juggle; clients, candidates, administration, as well as managerial and internal tasks. There are a lot of various tasks that need to be dealt with. And that does not even cover all the long term projects that you are going to have complete at some point.

When you put this into perspective, it becomes less about creating multiple To-Do Lists but stopping information overload. This is where the multiple To-Do List method comes in.

With the Multiple To-Do list Method (MTDL) you can easily create lists specific for each of the balls you have to juggle.

For example, as a recruiter, you will need a Client, Candidate,  and Administration list.

As a Billings Manager, you will need: Client, Candidate, Administration, Managerial Lists

So how does the MTDL method work in practice?

  • You need to create a spreadsheet on your desktop called To-Do List
  • Once created, you need to create three Columns Completed?, Task, and List.
  • Add a filter to this row.
  • Begin populating the spreadsheet with all the tasks that need to be completed.
  • On each task also put the appropriate list e.g. Candidate, Client etc.
  • Once you have fully populated the spreadsheet with all your tasks that need doing, you are ready to print. Filter the spreadsheet by each list type e.g. candidate and print off.
  • Take the printed copies for each of your lists and number each item 1,2,3 in order of importance.
  • Leave the office and go home.
  • Tomorrow repeat, but put a Y in the Completed column against each task that you have completed. Filter. Print and Repeat.

This process each evening will give you the ultimate To-Do List and allow you to get started immediately on your projects every morning.

Now go out and get them, tiger!

Thank you for reading this article.

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