We need to control and own the DATA we generate online

This nonsense is really troubling.

Our phones and computers are gateways into our lives. The data we create has real value. If we do not take stock of this soon and become the owners of all the data we create it will have a huge impact on our lives, economies and indeed politics.

One of the scariest things about huge amounts of data harvesting which takes place "on the daily" with our smartphones is not an Orwell-style big brother state watching us that is a threat.

It's the commercial, financial and life chances problems for people it creates from business, government, schooling and work.

Take for example credit card companies imagine how they could use the masses of data you create each day, cross reference it with your credit file and then target adverts to you that you will psychologically find hard to resist over a long period of time.

We could find it hard for anyone to not be in debt, or to ever escape as they will have the ability to influence without our knowledge, at a rate we can just about afford. Forever.

Now that is a very simplified problem, but this lack of ownership of data gives us all the potential to be digital serfs to a few silicon valley tech giants.

Owning all the data we create is the only answer I can come up with (apart from leaving the internet).

Heaven forbid.

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