Do not have time to read? This app may be a life-saver

Read a book in an hour

Do you sometimes feel it takes too long to get to the good stuff from a business or self-help book? I do. Sometimes the great ideas are just surrounded by waffles. Blinklist cures this problem in a handy app that is for both iPhone and Android. Blinklist will allow you to digest a book a lunchtime.

Blinklist cuts books and audiobooks down into short articles or audio snippets that cover the key learning points from the text. It really is a wonderful concept. They have a wide range of titles. Almost any decent non-fiction book will be on there.

So why is this a life hack? You can use Blinklist to turbocharge your learning on a subject in a very quick time. Imagine having all the key points from Adam Smiths' Wealth of Nations read to you whilst on your commute to work? Or when you are eating lunch taking onboard the teachings of Anthony Robbins. Imagine what listening to all the best sales books would do for your daily calling and sales figures?

It may not be the entire book, but you get the best, juiciest bits. Blinklist does the hard work for you.

You can find Blinklist in the App Store or at

We suggest you start with this list of books on Blinklist


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