Two little known words that will help you get past pesky gatekeepers

Get past the gatekeeper with “Thank you.”

Gatekeepers, they’re a real pain.

They could be a real pain for anyone.

As a recruiter, I of course find them very, very annoying because they’re stopping you from getting in contact with the people who I can help most: hiring managers.

That’s their job, sadly. And for what it’s worth, they do a good job and we should thank them. What you should do is you should thank them.

When you are asking a gatekeeper for a person (the gatekeeper could be a receptionist or whoever picks up the phone), say the person’s name and then just say “Thank you” and be silent.

The amount of times this works is amazing because essentially no one likes silence, and the longer the silence goes on, the more likely they are going to take the easy option to end the silence, which is to say, “Putting you through.”

So next time you’re at a gatekeeper, say “Thank you.” It will do a world of difference.

Thank you for reading this article.

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