The undeniable benefits of "Going Dark" for your productivity and clients outcomes

No this is not about going all James Bond. However, sometimes you literally just have to go dark. You have to turn off everything. 

You have to turn off your phone, you have to turn off your email, and you have to get on with work.

You have to ignore the notifications.

Now, in recruitment, ignoring communication and telephone calls has always been a bit of a sin, almost a heresy in some circles. But I for one believe that if you’re always responding, you are not being responsible.

So sometimes you have to go dark to focus on those really important tasks and use the going dark method to essentially make important decisions.

Say for instance you have to make a decision on a software purchase between two suppliers. Say it’s for an Application Tracking System.

Now you’ve gone over all the details and what you do is you go dark. You take the details. You turn off your phone. You turn off your internet, everything. You go through the decision for a certain amount of time, say 25 minutes. Once that time has ended, you make a firm decision.

That’s how going dark can be used for decisions. Additionally, if you have work to do that is not based on communicating with people, going dark is a great way of getting it done quickly and getting back on with other subjects. 

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