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Google. You cannot beat these guys and gals. They really do an amazing job at whatever they do. From having the greatest search engine ever created to the whole host of applications for free or a tiny price. The most important product in this is GSuite and notably their email function.

Inbox by Google (a special Gmail feature) is easily the best way to deal with emails on the internet today. Move over Microsoft and your old school Outlook. Why is Google's Inbox so good? Five clear reasons?

1) Simple archiving and the power of Google search for your emails.
2) Tasks can be created in the Inbox that means using it as a workflow tool is simple.
3) Cloud-based so can be loaded on Phones, Tablets, and Browsers so easy access anywhere.
4) Can snooze emails for a given time so that they stay out of sight and out of mind.
5) Stripped back design, simplicity is the key here and it is wonderful.

These functions can also be enhanced with a wide range of plugins that an outlook would kill for. Want to add data to your CRM? There will be a plugin for that. Want to see if people have opened the message? There will be a plugin for that too.

You can find Inbox at and G-Suite at


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