What everyone should know about proactive asking via email

Or simply do not ask for Permission in emails.

Sometimes it feels like emails can be used like an instant messenger chatroom from the late 1990s.

Ping, email.

Ping, email.

Ping, email.

If you use the correct language you can reduce and eliminate all these small time wasting emails that take up your day. You can do this by not asking for permission in emails.

So what do we mean? How can not asking for permission reduce the number of emails you receive?

Simply, asking for permission means that the other person has to both think through the decision and then communicate that decision to you normally in another email. So instead of asking for permission why not just say what you are going to do, at a specific time. We will give an example below to demonstrate what we mean.

Asking for Permission: Hello Dave, Attached is the Press Release written about the new product launch. Can you read it for me? If it is okay, can I send the Press Release to News and Stuff? Regards, Sarah

Going Ahead without permission: 

Hello Dave, Attached is the Press Release for the product launch. It is ready to be sent. Please read the attachment. We are going to send it to News and Stuff at three PM if we do not hear from you about any further changes. Regards, Sarah

Do you see what we mean? By not asking for permission you are giving yourself and the other person the chance to save time, energy and space in the inbox.

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Thank you for reading this article.

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