You do not need to be super organised to reach Inbox Zero. Follow this process and it will help you get there today!


The Best Email Habit - Always Process to Inbox Zero.

Whenever you go onto your emails you should always process them to zero. Don't let anything else get in the way of processing them to zero. Zero is your goal.

This one habit will help tame your inbox and will free up your day to do important things like organizing the drinks after work on a Friday or prospecting for new clients. You know important stuff.

Below I have outlined a workflow you can use to process emails and get inbox to inbox zero.

1. Open email.
2. Read the email.
3. Is action required? Y or N.
4. If Yes, will this action take less than two minutes? If yes, do it straight away. If no, add it to the Action folder.
5. If no action is required does the email need to go into a folder? Yes - Add to Folder, No - Read the email then delete if unimportant or archive for later reference.

Use this above workflow until you have cleared your inbox entirely then do three 45-minute email bursts a day from then on. You will have taken control of your inbox and will feel very free afterwards.

Thank you for reading this article.

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