Do you make this mistake? I do too often as well. I also forget to plan for the next day the night before

It is the end of a long and tiresome day. You just want to get out of the door, get home and open a cold one from the fridge. The temptation to just leave the office is really great, almost unbearable and writing that to-do list feels like such a chore.


Every evening you should prepare your next day before leaving the office. This should be part of your end-of-play ritual.

Even 10 minutes of planning can save you hours the next day and make sure that you are able to get started first thing before procrastination kicks in.

The real benefits of creating a to-do list every day are:

  • Clears your head at the end of the day of all the little things that you need to do that you might forget by tomorrow.
  • Gives you your first task to do the next day meaning you have fewer decisions to make and get the ball rolling early.
  • Focuses your work on a proactive mindset rather than a reactive state as you come into the office first thing.

Anthony Robbins the famed chisel-jawed self-help guru and author of Awaken the Giant Within said "Losers React, Leaders Anticipate" wise words. By planning your day, you ensure you are anticipating your day tomorrow.

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