If you looking to have a more Zen telephone experience, follow these three key steps

Telephone Zen When on the telephone, you need and should be completely Zen-like in the way that you focus. Now, it can be hard to have focused on just the telephone calls when you are in a busy office with all that noise, but there are some simple ways that you can create focus.

The firstly, turn your emails off. Emails are an addictive source of time-wasting. They distract you. And to be fair, if you are batching properly, you don’t need to be on your emails all the time, especially when you are on the phone.

Secondly, turn all notifications off on all social media and all apps. You do not want them pinging up on your phone.

Thirdly, when you’re on the phone and you want to focus, what you need to do is get everyone in the office into the habit of not asking you questions if you’re on the phone. Now, a great way of doing this is standing up because no one wants to come up to a crazy person who has stood up on the phone talking.

They are clearly mad or very busy. So stand up when you are making your phone calls. People will not want to disturb you. It could be they’re very important and very busy. And alas, it will increase your focus.

And depending on how organized you are and what sorts of CRM system you have, what you can do is print off your call lists for the day, and with those prints of call lists, you can then focus on those calls without even a computer being turned on.


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