Want to get better at a 'skill' in 90 days? Want to get twice as good in 90 days? Follow this simple trick

Now, what we’re not talking about here is focusing on the gilded wealth of the top 1% of Bill Gates and the Mark Zuckerbergs of this world. What we are talking about here is focusing on the 1% within you, and that’s the 1% for getting better.

If you focus and aim every day to get 1% better at (for example) BD calls, by the end of day 70, you’ll be twice as good. The reason we say day 70 is because of the power of compounding. If you aim to do one more call every day, by the end of day 70, you will have 1% more calls. You will be doing twice as many calls as before.

A great example of this is to, for example, want to increase the number of candidates that you find. Aim to have 1% more telephone conversations per day with candidates. 

Make sure you track it because it is not fact if it is not fact.

So focus on being 1% better and doing 1% more, and within no time at all, you will double your statistics.  


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