The magic of planning in bite-sized chunks

Have you ever had it that you have been setting yourself, an annual goal and it has just not happened? Before you know it, April has arrived from nowhere and you have got nowhere near your goal

You joined the gym, and you went three times. You were going to learn a language. You were going to bill £200,000. You may have set yourself 90 day goals, but you did not set yourself up in a working pattern that aims towards these goals? 90-day goals are high but you need to plan your work towards them.

Below we set an example. So if you want to bill £25,000 in a 90-day period, the Average fee is £5,000. So you need to place 5 people into roles to generate that cash. Now you need to know your briefing-to-placement ratio (for our demonstration) is one in five.

So to bill £25,000 that means taking on 25 placeable roles to get five placements. So every week to achieve this £25,000 you need to get 2.1 briefings. However, given recruitment takes time you may not get all the deals in before the 90 days is up.

So to counteract this, you will need to front-load business development in the first three or four weeks to get the assignments on and started before the end of the period. This does not mean you go feast and famine. It does say you need at the start of the cycle to put in the hours to ensure you ‘break the back’ of the goal.

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