Turn those emails off: Lucifier himself invented email to ruin holidays, vacations and weekeneds

Emails. The constant ping, ping, ping of new messages. We are as a society addicted to things. We do not seem to be able to switch them off.

We keep looking at them "just in case". However, "just in case" never really happens. Emails are essential, but during core business development hours we really should be turning these emails off.

To many in recruitment, this will be very, very uncomfortable. However, when you are talking to a candidate about their next career steps or a client about that important and vital hire, should you be distracted by emails?

No of course not. Having a distinct focus on one task - in this case, making calls, will improve your results and give you more important things to email your boss about, like more deals. So how can you turn your emails off and not get it in the ear of your boss or clients?

1) Close down your email and just get on with your important tasks and see if anyone notices.

2) Create a simple out-of-office reminder that says: "Thank you for your email. Between 10:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 17:00, I am serving my clients and candidates and will not be on my emails. If your request is urgent, please call my direct line on xxxxx."

You will be amazed at just how rarely email is as urgent as you think they are. Try it, go on, dare you! Triple dare you!   


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