Work-Life Balance is a myth. Aim for Work-Life Integration

Work-life balance is a myth. The people who talk about work-life balance and tell you how amazing it is.

How important and vital it is, and how if you do not have a work-life balance you are the failure are probably:

1) Lying or

2) Selling you courses or books on work-life balance. There is no balance. There never will be a balance because work is important, and so is family life.

Balance means that neither receives the focus they deserve. Sometimes it will get out of kilter. And that’s why what you’ll want to do is fit your work into your lifestyle and vice-versa. How I’ve done, that is I’ve worked for myself, meaning that I can provide my work around my life and my life around my work.

If you’re working for a big corporate, this will never happen.

They may talk about work-life balance, but in reality, everything is geared towards work and not your life.

So if you want to create a life that’s worth living and engaging with, work for yourself, so you can integrate your work into your life.


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