The Ultimate Guide to shipping on eBay for Beginners

Taking shipping seriously is good customer service. 

It is a great advertisement for your eBay store!

So how do you effectively ship?

Firstly you need to have a range of packaging materials and tools to hand.

Sticky tape



Mailer envelopes

Bubble wrap

Now do not go and splurge on shipping material.  Search your house first and you'll be amazed how much of the above already have in your possession.

Also once you have searched your house if you are still looking for the above items e.g. boxes or bubble wrap etc there are some options to get them for free.

  • Go to your local supermarket and ask at the front desk or your local corner shop. 

  • Ask neighbours and friends or even put up a request on Facebook.

  • Saving money on materials before making sales is vital.

  • As it's important to save as much of the sales as you get.

So you've got your materials to ship effectively, now it is time to send that parcel. What are the steps you need to take to ship out a product effectively?

Step 1) Open up the eBay app or the desktop website.

Step 2) Click on the selling tab on the app or on the website click on my ebay drop-down and click on selling.

Step 3) On the app click on waiting dispatch, on the website click on order and then awaiting dispatch.

Step 4) Package and parcel each package carefully. Make sure the address is written clearly for the postie to read.

Step 5) Click dispatch.

Step 6) Take your parcel to the post office or post box. You can if you wish choose to purchase postage through eBay.

Our current method is through the Royal Mails Click-and-Drop. However, as you start, we suggest hard-writing the address and physically going into the post office to dispatch until you are happy with the process.

Tips for good postage and packing

Use bubble wrap if you can - Bubble wrap can be a lifesaver when it comes to sending parcels. Wrap the item and sticky tape the item up so that it is protected during the knocks that it will have on its journey.

Recycle boxes - Reusing materials is one of the most important ways to save money, search your local town for sources of cardboard box gold.

Address Label - Write the address label clearly, put a return address on the back and include a copy of the sales details inside the package.

Sticky tape - Be liberal with sticky tape when thinking about how the parcel might get snagged in the delivery process.

Postage - When you head to the post office, get a proof of postage receipt.

Ask yourself - Ask yourself would you like to receive the item, the way you packaged it, if you had brought it on eBay?

Thank you - Include a thank you with each order, it is a nice thing to do.

When it comes to shipping, if you are in doubt, add more bubble wrap!

If you do decide to go out and buy all the packaging and shipping material we have included a shopping list below.

Shipping and Packaging Shopping List

Brown Parcel Tape - 

Dispatch Boxes -

Clear Tape - 

Shipping Envelopes - 

Tape Dispenser - 

Scissors - 

Bubble Wrap - 


This post is an extract from my book "My First eBay Sale" which is available now.

We also have a spreadsheet available that will help you track your profit and loss. It has been designed specifically for eBay sellers.

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