Warning: Working with one recruiter on an exclusive basis has been known to drastically improve performance and results


As a former recruiter, I understand that working with just one recruiter is the best way to work.

Why You Should Work Exclusively With One Recruiter.

It is tempting to go from one staffing and recruiting agency to another to find talent or to find the career of your choice, but hopping from one agency to the next is probably doing you more harm than good. If there is one thing that any successful person knows, it’s that picking the best and sticking with them is always the way to go. Since recruiting is all about building relationships, focus on building that relationship with just one recruiter to get your needs met.

If you are loyal, they will be too.

If you show your loyalty to a recruitment agency by using them exclusively, that loyalty will be returned in kind. If you move from one recruiter to the next, they are likely going to put about as much energy into you as you have put faith in them. If you are fully committed, they are going to throw their power into finding the right resources for you. Your commitment to an exclusive recruiter will be returned tenfold.

If you are exclusive, they will put more work into screening.

Nothing is a bigger time-waster for someone than not screening correctly and sending candidates who aren’t a fit. If you work with an exclusive recruiter, they will take more time screening for things like experience, background, culture, communication styles, education, and skills to make sure that a position fits before just kind of “throwing” someone out there and hoping that they match. Sure, it might take a little more time - but the screening process will ensure that once a match is made, it is the right one.

The person in charge of hiring will have to do less work.

Since the recruiter is the first line of vetting, the human resources manager won’t get stuck interviewing a ton of candidates to find the best one. When you work with an exclusive recruiter, they have done the background work to ensure that when they send someone your way, that candidate is what you are looking for. That means that instead of interviewing hundreds of applicants to find one worker, those applicants have already been sifted through to find just a few qualified ones that are more likely to fit in.

Maintaining exclusivity.

If you put the word out to many recruiters that you are hiring, then candidates might get your job offer from multiple sources. That might make you look less desirable and exclusive than if you are only working with one recruiting agency. If a candidate thinks that you are reputable and not just out to hire anyone, they are more apt to choose to interview with your company than to give your position a pass. 


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