Essential products that all home workers should have in their home office

9 Products that every home worker should have in their home office

9 Products that every home worker should have in their home office

Working from home requires a different range of products, tools, gadgets, and bits and bobs compared to working in the office.

It stands to reason of course, that working from home, needs different tools, gadgets, and products. Because, if you are going to work from home, you want it to be comfortable, pleasant, and hopefully fit your tastes.


Now it goes without saying. That if you are going to be working from home on your computer, you are going to need a computer. Most home workers use laptops as they are versatile, easy to carry around.

Personally, I have used avoid a variety of brands down the years for my laptops and this has included Compaq, Hewlett Packard, and Dell.

However, my fiancé uses a Lenovo, and she raves about it.

This Ideapad from Lenovo looks great for a home worker.

Keyboard and Mouse

Every worker needs a keyboard and mouse, they are a must. Home workers need a keyboard and mouse is for ergonomics and occupational health reasons.

Typing on a laptop short-term is fine. Typing eight hours a day, daily, can be, for me at least quite tiring on the wrists, arms, back and neck.

Using a mouse and a keyboard, I find to be far more ergonomically sensible for long-term home working.

I am personally using this keyboard and mouse combination.

Alternatively, this mouse and keyboard set is also highly rated.


Whether you are making a short telephone call to a colleague, sitting on a very, very long Zoom call to just listening to some music while typing away doing some routine work. Office headsets are a must for any homeworker as they can help you make calls, they can help you too cut outside distractions, they can help you to show other people that you are currently working, and not to disturb them.

Headsets are valuable for any they can also make you feel really cool if they are the right type of headset.

Light Ring

Now light rings used to be the sole territory of people who worked in makeup, makeup artists, and YouTubers. Since the pandemic, the amount of video calls has grown at a scale no one could have imagined, home image and lightning quality have become important for many home workers.

Now when we ordered our light ring it was from AliExpress. To be fair, it gets the job done. There are two types of light rings, firstly you have free-standing light rings and secondly, you have the laptop-mounted light rings.

There are benefits to both types of light rings, for most home workers who are using the light ring to make their internal home working Zoom/Team calls presentable a laptop-mounted light ring like this will suffice.

Laptop Stands

Now, laptop stands sound trivial, but they are a very important product that every home worker should have. Why? Because Laptop stands to make a great change to how you can work ergonomically when combined with a mouse and keyboard.

A laptop stand allows you to prop your laptop up so that you can use the keyboard and mouse whilst keeping the laptop screen closer to eye level, that will stop you can hunching over your laptop and will help with back pain.

This laptop stands from BoYata and looks stylish and effective.


Every home office and every home worker in a home office needs a whiteboard, why is that? Because whiteboards are:

·         Cool.

·         They are funky.

·         Great at visualizing work.

· Keeping track of projects.

Whiteboards are really useful and currently in my office, I do not have one and I really do miss not standing by its marker in hand thinking up a solution.

This whiteboard is the best reviews on Amazon.

Desk Fan

When you are reading this, it might be winter, it might be spring or it might be a heatwave, and if it is a heatwave, you will need a desk fan.

Now, you do not have to get a fancy desk fan (like this one) you can buy a great USB desk fan for a couple of pounds from Poundland. You will have to pop into the store to purchase them.

Giant Stress Brain

I love my giant stress brain, it sits on my desk, it looks great, and it acts as a prompt to get me to ‘think’ and when I get really stressed, I can give it a squeeze.

Get your own Giant Stress Brain (or similar stress toys).

Coffee Machine

Now, the coffee machine at work tells you a lot about the coffee tastes of senior management. If you have a 20p coffee machine, that dispenses plastic cups it says one thing.

If you have a super-awesome-amazing coffee machine it says another.

Your home office would look a little weird if it had a coffee vending machine in it. A high-end coffee machine filled the room (or the kitchen) with the sweet, sweet smell of coffee. Personally, unless I have had 5 coffees in the morning I can barely function. I think I may have a coffee addiction.

Currently, at Home Working Henry HQ (fancy name for my gaff) we have a Krups.

Mini fridge

Now last, but by no means least, is the mini-fridge. No home office is complete without a home office that has some ice-cool drinks on tap for celebrating a great win at work, or just to cool down during a heatwave. If you are experiencing a heatwave right now, we have an article of great products for home workers to keep cool you might be interested in.

This mini-fridge I think would look excellent in any home office.

Home Offices

In some respects, home offices are very similar to offices at work, however, you have the option to make the place more to your tastes both, in productivity terms and in design and aesthetics looks. Go make yourself comfortable, make yourself productive and get a quality cat poster!

What are your thoughts on these products?

Let us know in the comment section below, what you think is the key gadget you cannot live without.

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