Home Town Home Working: How to find work-from-home jobs in your local area


How to find online jobs in your hometown

Homeworking is the greatest change that is going to hit the modern Western economic model, business, and all our lives. It is going to shift our relationship between place, workplace and home in a range of different and exciting ways.

One of the greatest opportunities that is presented by home working is the chance for people who are not based in the employment hots spots of London, New York, Berlin, Barcelona or San Francisco to find work wherever they are. This will hopefully reduce regional inequalities and reduce the suburban and rural brain drains.

So how can you find work in your hometown that is online?

Now, the headline for this article is a bit of a misnomer given that the job does not have to be in your hometown, however, it could be. Homeworking plus the internet offers a fantastic opportunity to take up all kinds of online, remote, and telecommuting roles.

So, we have got the initial formalities underway, let’s start to dive into the ways that you can find online home working roles.

Indeed, is the place to be.

Indeed, is an amazing resource for finding work. It is an aggregator that pulls in the text of adverts across the globe from probably a million websites and places them all in one place.

If you use its features correctly, you can get a stream of emails into your account that have home-working jobs ready and waiting for you to apply.

Setting up home working job alerts on Indeed

1) Visit – google.com and google “indeed”

 2) Then click on Indeed when it pops up at the top of the Search results.

 3) When indeed opens up, you will be presented with a page like this.


4) In the “what” section, either leave blank or add your skills set/job title/profession in the box. As a former recruiter, I have put a recruiter as an example.


5) Then click “Find Jobs” and you will be presented with a search result like this.

6) Now this is where the magic starts, to the right of the blue button “Find Jobs” is the option to click advanced search. This will really help you in your home working quest. Click it, and a page like this will appear.

7) In the “With the exact phrase” box enter this "home working" OR "Remote Working" OR "Work from Home". Ensure that you include the quotation marks as they form a Boolean string and CAPITALISE THE OR for the same reason.

8) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and it should look something like the one below. As you can see there are options to input details of the location, distance, and age of the jobs.

In our example, you can see that we have chosen Barcelona and jobs since yesterday. Once you have made your selection, hit “Find jobs”.

 9) Once the results have appeared a pop-up box will appear 99% of the time, in this box, put your email address. Every day from now on an email will appear from Indeed will all the latest homeworking jobs.

10) Congratulations, you have now taken your first step towards finding an online work-from-home job.

Final thoughts

Indeed, is a very powerful website as it brings in so many different jobs onto one platform. Using the email feature will make your search for an online job, a remote working job, or a home-working job even better.

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