13 Words that will increase your sales in the next 7 days

Making sales is important for any business, being it online or offline. Whether you are communicating verbally face-to-face or you are writing copy that will be plastered all over the internet. Words count. And just like Animal Farm, some words count more than others.

Below we have listed 13 words that will help you make more sales.


You is a lovely word as it takes any sentence and makes it relevant to the person reading or listening.

You is a word that signals that the communicator is focused on YOU and just YOU as the reader/listener. You are his or her intended audience of one. You and just you.

Did you know I wrote this entire article for you, yes, you!

Example - You have the opportunity to walk about with this brand new Lexus coupe for just £59,995.95. You only have today to take advantage of this offer. That's just six more hours for you to get down to our showroom.


This is a word that I truly value. When you use the word value you conjure up emotions associated with prestige, importance and getting your money’s worth. Who does not like getting a bargain? Value also demonstrates to the reader or listener that if something is valuable then other people are going to value it and you may miss out if you do not act.

For example - if you value peace of mind for your family if the unfortunate happens invest in acme life insurance before this offer ends.

And (rather than but)

So why does And work better than but? Well when you are writing a sentence or talking to someone when you use the word, but, it will generally negate the entirety of what went before in the head of your reader or prospect.

Example - We have three rooms available in the hotel, but we need a two-night deposit paid first.

Versus: We have three rooms available in the hotel and we will need a two-night deposit paid first.

Do, rather than try

Nothing is better than crossing off all the time on your to-do list. It is a sweet sensation. Not cross off the items on your try list is. Or. Why is this? Because action always feels better than trying. What is better than running a math atom or trying to run a marathon?

Example - Please do take advantage of the 14-day free trial of our recruitment software.


Or is a brilliant sales word for a number of reasons. Firstly or can be a framing word that can create the perception of only a limited number of choices. Secondly, Or can be used in a way to compare and contrast two products or service options

Example - We do have a number of iPhones in stock, we have the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 11se. Or if you are tempted by Android phones we have the Google Pixel 4 in stock as well.

Should we

'Should we' is technically a phrase, not a word, and we will gloss over that and move on to why this is a good sales word. Should we is a great word/phrase for sales because it presents a great way to move towards the closing stage of a sale without appearing to be too "pushy"? It is a great way to move the conversation along to either its successful close or successfully not closing the sale.

Example - It is a mighty fine car, I am glad you enjoyed the test drive. Should we start getting the paperwork sorted so you can get on the road?


This is an interesting sales word as not many people would think of using a word like consensus does not sound very "sales", yet, the consensus is a very powerful word. Consensus appeals to us at a very social level. Being the social creatures that we are, going against a consensus can be very hard. Indeed, groups think the negative flip side of consensus has lead to a large amount of suffering throughout human history. So the power of group consensus is important.

As a sales word, consensus can add gravity to the statement that supports a reason to use your product or service. It enhances as it shows there is a powerful social acceptance to what has been said.

Example - The consensus is that the hair thicken shampoo Goldie Locks makes improves the volume and strength of your hair after only one wash.


Again, using words that are evocative and get the people to move from a present state to a future state that does not yet exist. This is a subtle word, that is used with the correct descriptive language that can help paint a picture of how, whatever you are selling, is going to change their current situation, solve a problem or make life more enjoyable.

Imagine, also has the power as a word to create a buy-in from the person reading or listening as you are making reading or listening to a joint enterprise.

Example - It's July, imagine the anticipation as you and your family get picked up by a personal chauffeur who whisked you away to the airport with no hassle or stress. Imagine how relaxing using AlphaBeta Taxi would make the start of your holiday. Sit back and imagine. Imagine, no airport parking, imagine no busy rush to the airport, imagine being able to enjoy all the holiday from start to finish.


Show is a great word as it demonstrates or implies demonstration b fore any demonstration has to happen. It is another one of these visualisation words that takes the reader into a place where they create the 'show' in their head. This is a word that is used well and correctly verbally can have a great impact. However, when it comes to copywriting, the word helps people to read and digest your words in a manner that fits your purpose as people perceive the word.

Show also has great usage as a sales word in helping to move a prospect along the journey to making a purchase.

Example - Shall I show you how the bullshit buster 3000 will revolutionise your life, finances and attract the partner of your dreams?

"Their name"

Someone far more intelligent than me once said (I’m paraphrasing) ‘the sweetest noise in the English language is the sound of our own name’. Not sure who said this, however, it makes sense.

From a young age, we are programmed to listen out for our carers (parents etc) to call out our names whether to praise us, tell us off or give us a Mars bar.

That deeply embedded emotional response and relationship we have with our name also mean that people who are using names are generally known to us so there is an inbuilt level of trust.

Example - Karen, thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. Is there any way Karen I can keep you as a customer?


This is one of those words that needs to be deployed carefully. If done so correctly, it has the useful skill (can a word be "skilful") of aiding the discussion around products less than appealing features. Which as we all know, the less than appealing feature is almost always around price.

Example - Yes, this is the most expensive SUV-Campervan crossover on the market today, because we have invested heavily in top of the range safety features.


Words like opportunity have a wonderful effect on the brain and the imagination. Opportunity says to the imaginative part of the brain “visualise this”. Opportunity as a word can have its downsides as some people can use it in a very scammy or car salesman way. However, used in the current situation with the right product or service you are selling, the word opportunity can have a powerful effect on your prospect.

Example - Today, you have an opportunity to buy one of the last remaining mint first edition copies of White Dwarf Magazine issue 1 left in the world.

Power words like 'hero'

Power words like hero have a great effect on people. Call someone a hero to their face and look sincere when you are doing it and people will swell up with pride. This appeals to people egos as we all want to be heroes. Especially middle-aged men, middle-aged men are so vulnerable to this word it should possibly be illegal.

Example - “You would be my hero if you could buy the last 3 boxes”.

Final thoughts

As you can see, these are all powerful sales words that can improve your chances of making a face-to-face or sale online.

And if you combine these words, you will be presented with an opportunity that to show your value to your boss. Imagine how they will perceive you after you show the rest of the team the value you bring and they will defiantly see you as a hero.

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