Decoding Amazon FBA for home workers.

Is Amazon FBA just a swanky shortcut to wealth? Well, it's a resounding 'yes' – but the real beneficiaries aren't the hopeful hustlers, it's Mr Bezos and his corporate posse. 

Plus the hangers-on selling Amazon FBA courses, whilst in front of a Sportscar.

From the trenches of Amazon FBA, having closely observed the ups and downs while aiding my partner's escapades, I've assembled a candid evaluation that effortlessly debunks the notion of a get-rich-quick mirage.

Prepare for a rollercoaster of insights as I unveil the not-so-rosy aspects of Amazon FBA, and the hidden treasures that might just have you considering this biz bonanza.

Why Amazon FBA Sucks

1. Battle Royale of Sellers: Picture an arena where sellers jostle like gladiators, each striving for supremacy. Amazon FBA's coliseum is packed with eager competitors. Yet 90% of the do not understand the difference between revenue and profit and forget that VAT exists.

2. Retail Arbitrage's Sunset: The golden days of Retail Arbitrage basking in Amazon FBA's spotlight? Oh, they've waned. That ship has sailed, mate. Too many shops have shut and too many brands now know about selling via Amazon. Amazon FBA is moving to become something to sell your own brand of goods.

3. Amazon's Labyrinthine Complexity: Entering the Amazonian maze isn't for the faint-hearted. It's like trying to decipher a Rubik's Cube while blindfolded. Whilst talking to a human on live chat who sounds like a robot, and with the enthusiasm of an inmate of death row. As a seller, your customer service will be one star.

4. Accounting Acrobatics: If you thought balancing a chequebook was a conundrum, try juggling Amazon FBA's financial gymnastics. It's a time-devouring spectacle. Nothing in their reporting is made easy or simple. Everything takes ages and reconciliation is a hellish and nightmarish experience.

5. Amazon's Price Game: Beware! Amazon can swoop in, start peddling your wares, and you're in a one-sided price match duel. Good luck with that. So many people have started businesses and then Amazon just takes over and kills your product and sues you at the same time.

6. Amazon’s Supreme Dictatorship: Amazon's word is law, and they flaunt it, even if it means playing fast and loose with competition regulations. They're the puppet masters. No point arguing and you’ll be broke legally even if you have a case.

7. Price Wars R' Us: Imagine novice sellers accidentally launching a price war. It's like Godzilla vs. Kong – but your profits are Tokyo. As mentioned before. Too many sellers have zero idea about the difference between revenue, profit and costs. Its shocking. 

8. Return-a-Palooza: Brace yourself for a flood of returns. It's like a never-ending swap meet in the returns department.

9. Amazon's Return Tango: The dance of managing returns with Amazon? More like a cha-cha in quicksand. Smooth moves, it ain't. 

10. Return 'Tag, You're It': Return swaps? Yep, that's a thing. Your prized merchandise can become a travelling circus on Amazon's stage.

11. Cashflow Conundrum: Patience is a virtue when you're waiting on your payout. It's like watching a snail race in slow motion. This can mean you buy a product in March, it sells in April and you get the money in June. Not good. No sir, not good at all.

12. Amazon's Money Munch: Be warned – Amazon's got a sweet tooth for your earnings. They can dip into your hard-earned treasure chest at will. Someone returns a book they bought from you 3 years ago, hey, your money is theirs now.

Why Amazon FBA Rocks

1. Amazon's Servitude: They handle the shipping and hand-holding of customers. Your eCommerce genie – no rubbing required. Their army of low-paid minions will do all the hard work for you.

2. Sales Crystal Ball: Predicting sales velocity? Consider yourself clairvoyant, thanks to Amazon FBA's crystal ball. You can quickly get a feeling about products that will and won’t sell quickly. It is a data lovers' heaven.

3. Endurance Pays: The tortoise wins the race, remember? In this demanding game, endurance thins the herd and nurtures the pros. You have to stay in the game a long time to win, but once you have been in it a while you can make money on Amazon FBA.

4. Global Gateway: Amazon FBA's magical gateway – it catapults your wares into far-flung markets, hassle-free. Want to sell in Brazil? Amazon can help with that.

5. Fulfillment Jedi: Not just for Amazon – it moonlights as a fulfilment haven for other platforms. A multitasking virtuoso.Which is very clever when you think about it.

6. Retail Arbitrage Alchemy: Crack the code of Retail Arbitrage and you're holding the philosopher's stone of profits. It's just a very, very hard nut to crack.

7. Traffic Wonderland: Other platforms envy the insane footfall Amazon's kingdom enjoys. Traffic jams of the best kind. The traffic a listing gets on Amazon would make most other websites weep digital tears of joy.

8. Doorstep Delight: They pick up your goods from your doorstep. It's like having a personal valet for your products.

9. Product Pizzazz: Pick the right product, and it's off to the sales races. It's like giving wings to your inventory.

There you have it – the not-so-sugarcoated saga of Amazon FBA. Assemble your evidence, weigh the pros and cons, and chart your path through the jungle of e-commerce possibilities.

My suggestion is if you are about to go on the Amazon FBA journey and have not sold online before. Stop, and try eBay first. 

My book will help you start that journey.

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