Be like World Class Recruiters and always have at least two questions prepared when calling a prospective client

Whenever you are on a business development call, you need to have two questions for every single prospect. Having two questions will triple the number of chances you get to build a relationship with a client.

Now, these two questions can be on anything recruitment or industry related. The first one should be the recruitment-focused outcome you are looking for. For example, you want to get the job-on with the client who has been advertising for that role you have seen. So you do the whole lead chasing bog standard recruitment question. And like the Chumba-Wumba song, you get knocked down.

However, you can get right back up again because you have a second question.

The second question can be more creative. If you are looking to play it safe something that is industry-related that you can use to help market to them in the future. Below we have outlined a mini-script to demonstrate what we mean.

YOU: “Hello, Mr. Client. Can I help you with this job?”


YOU: “One more question before I go. What are your thoughts on the latest acquisition of X?”

CLIENT: “That is really interesting you asked…..”

You ask the set out second question and you get their feedback, thoughts and input. You can use this information to market to them in the future or to create a small report which you can use to market.

Having the second question will increase the time that you are able to spend on the phone and will enhance your chances of building that relationship with the client.

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