If you don't recycle your content, you will kick yourself in the future

Recycling is good. It is very hard to argue with this, although I am sure the internet will provide someone to argue with me. However, when it comes to social media recycling it is even more awesome as it can be automated, thus saving you time and allowing all your followers the chance to love the content all over again.

Recycling social media updates is great as generally with most feeds on social media only 10-20% of your audience will get the update in their feed, and only around half might look at it. So resharing will increase the chance that they will see it and love it.

If you are going to go down the "recycling" social route we suggest that you do two things:

1) Create content that is evergreen and does not age.
2) Use Edgar

Edgar is a lovely little Octopus that will share and reshare your content on a fixed schedule time and time again. It is wonderfully easy to use and given the time saved is great value for money.

The premise is simple. Create updates e.g. sharing a blog post. Set when these updates are to go out and hit publish. Your updates will be recycled time and time again. Want to update Twitter about Taco Tuesdays? Now you can update everyone and spend more time eating Tacos.

You can meet the friendly social sharing Octopus at https://meetedgar.com/

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