Here's a quick way to leverage your social media followings to boast digital engagement

Cross Platform promotion.

When on Twitter you should promote your Facebook page. When on YouTube you should promote your Twitter. When on Instagram you should promote your Facebook page. You get the idea.

When you are on social media you really want to at least once a week to promote all your other social accounts and media channels. This cross-platform promotion will do a number of things:

1) It will give you content to share - new YouTube video go and share it on Twitter etc. Once you have shared it, it will create likes on that platform and increases followers on the other platform.

2) As more people follow you across different social accounts it will grow your reach and allow you to be a welcome source of useful and career-changing information.

3) If your focus, for the next six months is on building your Twitter following, it means you can leverage this Twitter following to build a well-liked and followed Facebook page later on.

4) It will help you understand who your true fans are and allow you to market towards similar people via paid advertising.

5) Reduces your reliance on one platform because who knows one day Twitter may go bust. Or Facebook makes changes that affect your reach.

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