Sell Solutions. Not Processes. You do not have a 'special' recruitment process, however, your solution is.

Sell Solutions, not Processes

Your recruitment process is not special.

You are not special.

However, the solution a candidate provides to the client may be very special indeed.

The candidates that you engage with on a daily basis can do some amazing and business-changing things for your clients however, the process in which you recruit is not that special?

Why? There are over 100,000 people employed in recruitment in the UK and innovation in the process spreads quickly.

For instance, I started using LinkedIn almost as soon as it was opened to non-invited members now almost every recruiter is on it.

Clients can easily replicate your process - just look at all the former recruitment consultants that are now internal recruiters.

However, what they will never be able to replicate is the solutions to their pain points you and the candidates you represent can offer.

Take a brilliant credit controller, they are not a credit controller, but someone who can reduce payment days and free up cash flow this cash flow allows investment and growth. They are not a credit controller but a source of growth.

Representing an excellent Account Manager, they are not an upseller or salesperson. They guarantee the future of the business through retention and gather intelligence on clients' needs for the future.

So the next time you are speaking with a client (or internal manager) focus on how your candidates can reduce pain points and offer a solution instead.

The candidate is special.

The client's problems are special.

Your recruitment process is not.

Thank you for reading this article.

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