Who else is looking for a fool-proof method to kill procrastination?


Kill Procrastination in an instant.

Before writing this Life Hack I spent 15 minutes reading up about how the US supreme court works on Wikipedia. Okay, that is a lie, I was looking at funny cat videos on Instagram. Anyway, I was procrastinating like a champion.

If there was an Olympic medal for procrastination I would probably miss the final because I was scrolling through Doug the Pug's Facebook page.

Anyway, I am even procrastinating in the middle of this life hack.

To kill procrastination in an instant you first need know what your triggers are. For me, the triggers are the following, my to-do list, business development calls and doing my accounts. What triggers your procrastination could be triggered by anything, finding out what they are is half the battle. When I was trying to figure out what my triggers are I kept a log and the pattern became clear very quickly indeed.

Now, once you know your triggers and notice you are procrastinating all you need to do is say this one phrase out loud so other people can hear you "and I am back in the room". It will snap you out of the funk and also get you to focus on the here and now and banish that procrastination.

Anyway back to cat videos on Instagram. Have you seen the one with the cat pushing the glass off the table!

I am back in the room!

Thank you for reading this article.

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