Chaos and Whim can destroy your morning, day or week. Learn how to defend from these nefarious productivity destroyers


"A schedule defends from whim and chaos. It is the net for catching days" Anne Dillard.

Anne was an insightful person. How many times have you rocked up to work and worked very, very hard but seemed to get nothing done? You were busy, busy, busy but in reality, you were a busy fool.

This is where a schedule can step in and make all the difference. Now for every person a schedule can be very different.

If you work on an industrial temps desk you may need to be in the office earlier compared with say a permanent consultant, however.

A schedule should have three things. - Set times each day or week for important tasks. Time set aside for admin and a level of flexibility within each timeslot.

Below we have outlined what we think is a great schedule.

8am 10am - Non-sales time - Tasks Review the daily plan, respond and clear your inbox, review new candidates, search current openings, candidate registration meetings, 15 minutes purposeful reading, return urgent client calls, clear any admin, go to client visits.

10am to 12midday - SALES TIME - Business Development Calls, Lead chasing calls, Interview feedback.

12midday to 2pm - Non-Sales Time - Submit candidate CVs, clear inbox to inbox zero, call candidates with job offers, feedback and updates, organise interviews, HAVE LUNCH AWAY FROM DESK

2pm to 5pm - SALE TIME - Client calls, Business Development Calls, Chase up CVs, follow up on leads, etc.

5pm - 6:30pm - Approach calls to candidates, update calls to candidates, inbox zero and plan tomorrow.

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