How to set up your eBay account quickly and with little fuss

Now, it is time to create an eBay account. Now the way to do this depends on whether you are using the app or going via the website.

I will discuss how to set up the account via the app as that is the most easily accessible method to get going. Literally, all you need to do is whip your phone out right now and do the following:

Step 1) Download the app from your smartphone's app store of choice. Typing eBay into the search bar at the top will suffice to find the app. Hit install or download.

Step 2) Go make a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or beverage of choice. It should be downloaded once you have your cup of coffee in hand. If not sooner.

Step 3) Open up the eBay app and click on the My eBay section.

Step 4) Click on the section Sign In.

Step 5) At this stage you will be presented with a range of options that will include Signing in with Facebook, Signing In with Google, Signing in with Apple (if on an Apple phone) or username. Ignore these and click on the smaller option at the bottom 'Create an account'.

Step 6) Add in your email address, first name and surname and any other information that is required when you sign up.

Step 7) Click on the blue button to finish. 

You now have an eBay account. WooHoo!! 

Notes on naming your eBay account.

Before you go in "balls deep" on your account, make sure to take the time to name the account in a way that will give you longevity. If you set up an account a few years ago and named it Fidget Spinners Superstore it is not a name that will last the test of time. 

However, this is eBay so names are not as important as you may think. They are useful as you grow bigger and become more established. 

What we suggest is your store name should be something that is a "brand" but is simple to remember. Calling your store Bella's Boutique or Coreens Closet or David's Deals is not a bad move.

Just keep it simple.


What is the best/worst eBay user name you have ever seen? Comment below.


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