This is a simple secret to finding stock to sell in your new eBay store

Many people, even seasoned veterans of the eBay game will tell you that one of the hardest parts of eBay is finding the right products to sell. As you are new to eBay you have one great advantage over the veterans - easy access to products to sell. The unwanted, or indeed items that are inhabiting your home.

Your home is a treasure trove of products that you can sell. Many of us have huge amounts of unwanted, unneeded stuff. Many of us just do not realise that we have as much stuff as we do own, that we just never use again.

Searching your home for items to sell is a great place to start as you find items to sell, declutter the house and bring in some much-needed money. These are all excellent things that can happen when you get started on your eBay journey.

Need some ideas on how and what to declutter and sell. We have put nine great ideas below:

Get all your clothes out and try them all on. For those that don't fit - list them on eBay.

Review your bookshelf - have you read the book? Will you read it again? If you have answered Yes and then No - list it on eBay.

Toys your kids have outgrown - list them on eBay.

If you have an attic, go into the attic. If you have not used it in the last year I suggest that you get it listed on eBay ASAP.

Do you keep old coffee jars? Clean them and list it on eBay.

Do you have old electronics manuals for date appliances? List it on eBay.

Do you have old hobbies or hobbies that you have an old kit? List it on eBay.

The artwork you made. List it on eBay.

Shed or garage - sift through and list anything that you have not used in a year. In all likelihood you are never going to use it again, list it on eBay.

The above ideas give you a great basis for getting started decluttering and listing items on eBay. 

As you are going to be starting a new eBay store you will need to track those profits. Luckily we have created a spreadsheet that takes the headache out of your eBay bookkeeping.

One word of warning. Decluttering can get addictive and then lead to a backlog of products that need to be listed on eBay. 

Big piles of unlisted stock can be demotivating, so we suggest that you focus on one room/source of stock at a time, find all the products, list them all, and then move on. 

It is a slightly slower process. However, following it you will pace yourself and learn more about what sells and how to sell items as you move from one room to another.

You will enjoy both the financial and mental benefits of this process of decluttering and listing items on eBay. 

Your house is a great resource for getting started on eBay! Make it the first step on your e-commerce journey.


Do the thought of decluttering your house make you excited or feel like running for the hills?


This post is an extract from my book "My First eBay Sale" which is available to buy.

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